Nadonumai Holdings celebrates 25 years of success


In 1993 the Vanua Nadonumai established Nadonumai Holdings Limited with the construction of their first property, the ten-story Suvavou House in the centre of the capital’s business district.

This was made possible after the Government, led by the then Honourable Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka approved the return of Cruickshank Park to the people of Suvavou, located only metres from the original Suva village.

Prime Minister Rabuka officially opened Suvavou House in l997.  It has been fully occupied since opening.  The building was designed by architect Ken Lowe from Australia and built by Fletcher Construction in Fiji. 

On Thursday, 23rd February, the holding company is celebrating its 25th year Silver Jubilee celebrations at the Grand Pacific Hotel, reflecting its contribution as a proud member of the Fiji business community.

With its success, Nadonumai Holdings has major plans in the formative stage for projects into the future.

These include a  Suvavou twin-towers, containerization reclamation project, expansion of its cleaning and security businesses, and  property purchase and development.

Adding to its success, the Board has announced a net profit after tax for the 2021 Financial Year. 

But for the people of Suvavou it has been a long and proud journey. In 1874 when Fiji was annexed as a British colony, Levuka on the island of Ovalau was the country’s capital.  Because of the islands geography with steep mountains leading down to the sea there was little room for expansion.

After looking for alternatives, the Government decision to move the capital from Levuka to Suva as one official pointed out, “was perfect, with almost unlimited land for development and one of the finest harbors in the South Pacific”

It was also the home of Suva Village.   In l882 the villagers were approached by Government to move from Suva to land purchased in Lami.  It was to become Suvavou Village (New Suva).   Today the Suva village land is the site of Government Buildings and Thurston Gardens.

Land selection for the building site at Cruickshank Park was an indication that the future developments of Nadonumai Holdings were started from a solid foundation.  The Holding Companies new Board of Directors, all members of the Vanua Nadonumai and their advisor, Mr. Matalau met with the then Prime Minister


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